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This weekend event is the joint effort of two local Parrot Head clubs, Blossomland Pirates Parrot Head Club and the Parrot Heads in Michiana.  Every year each club selects a charity that they wish to help, and the proceeds from the weekend are split between the charities.  This year both club's selected SINGING FOR CHANGE in honor of Jimmy Buffett.  Come out, have fun and help raise money for a fantastic cause.


This year’s entertainment was chosen as a way to honor the memory and legacy of Jimmy Buffett.  From his early days as a country artist through the time he spent travelling the world, in particular Key West, the Caribbean and South America his music is a gumbo of all different types of styles picked up during his travels.  Friday night begins with a special "Tailgate Party" where everyone can join in the nostalgic rage where you can jump right up and show your age.  During the tailgating we will be featuring Jimmy Buffett concerts on the big screen.  After the tailgating is a very special treat.  We have tried for a few years to get these first musicians up here to play for you.  Things just did not work out until NOW!  Friday night we will have one of the hottest groups to come along in the last few years....Kitty Steadman, Melanie Howe, and company.  You might know them better as the Drop Dead Dangerous Trio!  They will get things off to an incredible start for the weekend.  

Watch out for that "First Night Monster" and don't say we didn't warn you.  Saturday night is the big blowout featuring the great Will Kimbrough followed by the South of Disorder Band . Saturday is also when we hold our big auctions and raffles.

So let's talk about the Saturday entertainment.  If you were watching many of the Buffett posts in the past couple of weeks you maybe saw several of the new songs that Jimmy has been working on and know that he has a new album coming out soon.  Did you see the video for "My Gummy Just Kicked In"?  If not you need to check it out and notice that the guy on the bass is none other than Sir Paul McCartney!  Keep watching and you will see our opening act there and playing guitar.  Oh, he also co-wrote several of the songs on the new album as well as having co-written songs on the last 7 of Jimmy's albums.  Opening up on Saturday night will be the incomparable Will Kimbrough!  Check out our Barefoot website to see all the highlights of Will and Jimmy's collaborations over the years.  Will brings his own fantastic music, the songs he has co-written with Jimmy Buffett and his stories of their times together.  You do not want to miss this!


This will be the 11th year that we have held this big Barefoot Children weekend since it first started in St. Joe, Michigan.  The very first year we had the South of Disorder Band.  We are so very happy to come full circle this year and get them back to complete our tribute to the music of Jimmy Buffett.  They will definitely get everyone out on the dance floor and give us a chance to revel in the genius of Jimmy Buffett and his music.  It is hard to imagine where we would all be if Jimmy had never been.  Would we even know each other?  What other musician has a following as dedicated and that has spread in the way that the Parrot Heads have?  

Barefoot Children logo 4.jpg

The weekend is filled with music, activities, raffles and auctions.  From fun and games in the Hospitality Suite to the pool to a hallway party to a room crawl to dancing the night away in the main venue, you will have plenty of things to keep you busy.  There are many food options within an easy drive of the hotel and also many restaurants that offer delivery right to the hotel.  Here is a schedule of the weekend's activities.


This has become a favorite event of our attendees.  Enter your room in the room crawl contest.  Decorate your room or come up with a special drink to let people sample and win prizes if you are chosen as the best.  Everyone travels from room to room, all while listening to great live music from Two Dudes in Flip Flops set up in the hallway.  Haul your ironing boards and chairs out in the hallway to "phlock" with your phellow Parrot Heads on our very own Duval Street. 


Don't feel like venturing out of the hotel in the afternoon, then join us in the Hospitality Room for a varity of activities all weekend long.  Friday  will be our Buffett Tailgate Party and Concerts, a Saturday morning Mystery Bottle Auction and Saturday afternoon games and relaxation.  We'll have some tunes going so just kick back and watch the snow outside as you stay nice and warm inside.  Soak in the pool or enjoy the fitness center.  Chill while listening to a little "island music".  Clothing optional (no not really, but we can pretend can't we?)  


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